Kenya Safari Parks to Visit

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Kenya Safari Parks

Whether visiting Africa on business or pleasure, the beautiful vast open spaces and sheer variety of game inhabiting the continent makes it almost impossible to quell the urge to book a space on a Kenya safari.  Famous for being the original safari destination, Kenya houses more than 40 game reserves and national parks. Tourists flock to the country in the hope of bearing witness to one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles found on a Kenya safari, The Great Migration (also know as the “wildebeest migration”). The event, which takes place between July and October, see zebras, gazelle and wildebeest gather in their thousands to travel between Serengeti National Park, Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in pursuit of fresh pastures. This animal assemblage is made all the more thrilling due to the abundance of cheetahs, lions and hyenas trailing the herds, as the predators remain ever hopeful of securing their next meal, along with the airborne vision of patient vultures circling the hot skies looking for their next victim. However, coming outside of the wildebeest migration season or choosing to visit other regions doesn’t mean missing out, the many parks and reserves in Africa hold something special to suit every taste and requirement on a Kenya safari.

Amboseli National Park

Attracting a vast amount of the tourists is Amboseli National Park, where the majestic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is what encourages the majority of travellers to join a Kenya safari in this area. It is said the ice-clad peaks of the mountain are best enjoyed at dawn or dusk and really is a once-in-a-life time sight to behold. The park’s namesake, Lake Amboseli, a volcanic length of soil with a maximum depth of 20 inches, holds nothing spectacular in its general appearance – except that the contrast between a parched lakebed and luscious marsh vegetation helps to create the illusion of a fluid horizon shimmering in the distance, providing quite a mirage.

Rare Views on a Kenya Safari

Catching a glimpse of a rarely seen species is one of the ultimate highs of a Kenya safari and one of the best places to achieve this has to be on the three adjacent reserves of Shaba, Samburu and Buffalo Springs. Because of their close proximity, the parks are generally classed as one and temperatures can soar to 40oC ten months of the year, making for a cracked red-tinged landscape with vegetation localized to an area alongside the Eswaso Ng’iro River. Few species can survive in these climates, although termite mounds, reticulated giraffes and Grevy’s zebras are amongst the exceptional sights that occur at these parks. But no matter what parks or reserves you chose to visit, witnessing the magnificent beauty of the wildlife and landscape on a Kenya safari will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

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Kenya Safari Parks to Visit

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Kenya Safari Parks to Visit

This article was published on 2012/01/13