A Typical Day At Kenya Safari

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Jumbo! Are you interested in visiting the amazing lands of Kenya? Well then you had better start writing down all of nature's activity that you want to experience, but beware because Kenya offers more than what a typical country can offer. Kenya is located in Eastern Africa and when you say Africa, no doubt your mind wanders about the amazing views of the Great African Safari.

A once in a lifetime jungle experience would keep you wanting for more. Expect unlimited sights of real life leopards, buffaloes, wild beests, lions, flamingos, and a whole lot more. Spend your nights inside elegant cottages, feel the fresh jungle breeze coming inside your jungle themed room. Get a feel of how's it like to be closer to nature in a different angle, in the best Kenya Safari.

What Kenya Safari Has to Offer

A. Masai Mara national Reserve

To locals this is known as Mara, located at the south western part of Kenya. This is one of Kenya's largest game reserve that features the "The Great Migration". Great Migration is when animals from faraway lands travels to a certain place at a certain period. Most tourist visits this place from July until October. You can a have close look at different animal species that you can only view individually at your local zoo. You will big cats, and round up tress, and scrubs. You will also be able to have an up close encounter with Thomson's gazelle, wildebeests, and Serengeti.

B. Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is located in Central Kenya and houses the world's famous Flamingos, as well as baboons, and both white and black rhinos. For adventurers who seek the rarest animal living today, you can find almost all these in Kenya. Lake Nakuru also feature a national park highly visited by tourists.

C. Nairobi National Park

This is located at Kenya's largest city. Nairobi National Park has a very big huge and diverse wildlife. Aside from different animals it also houses the a Wildlife Conservation Education Centre which helps educate tourist about all animals found in Kenya.

D. Diani Beach

Diani Beach is the largest beach resort in Kenya, it located in the south of Mombasa. Aside from its amazing beach coast and coral reefs, you will also get to see the nearby Shimba Hills National Reserve where it houses black and white Columbus monkeys. This place is also the leading kite surfing area in the world.

Kenya safari holidays is a one of a kind experience, so go pack your back get your hiking boots and you can start go in for a ride of a lifetime. You would be able to enjoy nature at its finest.

Shopping in Kenya

Of course what is a nice travel without shopping! Locals in Kenya are very creative. Nairobi also known as the city of shops features street stalls where everything from wax paintings, to great handmade baskets. You can shop for soap stone sculpture to make miniature carvings of different souvenirs. You can also find the finest ebony carvings but you have to beware when buying these stuff because some sell well polished wood carving and sells them as authentic ebony.

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A Typical Day At Kenya Safari

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This article was published on 2010/09/21